Nortasuna Sustraietatik mundu-zabalera

From the roots to the wide world.

In the productions for which we are responsible, the roots are the starting point and the trends of the wide world are the reference. This look that we have developed helps us to see, think and create productions from here without losing the ability to adapt to the new air.

The team
Value of teamwork.

We attach as much importance to the creative process as to the result. Our main asset is teamwork, nourish by collaboration between different areas for the development of each project. We analyze content, form and feasibility in parallel, so as to optimize work processes and be proud of the final result.
Sorkuntza Erronka berriei, sorkuntzaz erantzunez

Respond creatively to new challenges.

We have the ability to adapt to each request, analyze all the possibilities, to help choose the best solution and provide an adjusted response to new challenges. Where there are problems and gaps, we see solutions and possibilities for creation.

Network formed with sector agents.

We work with leading companies in the audiovisual sector and, thanks to these fruitful relationships, we are able to package a complete offer whatever the project. Our network of industry professionals makes even the most demanding projects possible.
Orio Produkzioak nor gara?
Orio Produkzioak nor gara?
Orio Produkzioak nor gara?
Orio Produkzioak nor gara?
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